Database Management Systems

Database Management Systems

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Database Management Systems 3rd Edition by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke
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This book is a comprehensive overview and implementation guide (from start to finish) for relational databases. The text spends a great deal of time on all of the major concepts of database management systems, including how they work, how to use them, and how to implement them in a project. Depending on your class, however, there may be better alternatives out there.

The authors of this book dumped every bit of information in that they could fit. It's complete, from start to finish.

The book covers so many topics, it can be used in just as at least supplementary material in just about any database class. It has verbose information about the history of databases, how they work, how to create them, how to maintain them, and even how to use them in your programs. The verbosity of the book is also one of its downfalls. There is not enough information to teach an entire class on, for example, the history of databases. Programming examples are pretty much limited to java and perl. The book is huge, but tries to do too much. Additionally, great amounts of the book are difficult to read. The word "data" is plural. When referring to data, verbs should also be plural. The authors have way too many "the data is" phrases instead of "the data are." The large number of typos and grammatical errors is apparent and distracting.

In summary, I would recommend this for a database overview class, or even as supplementary material for a more specific class about databases.
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